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Nysa Ordell had a dream. A world where women ruled and all men were slaves. A world where women gave the orders and men obeyed. A world were women were free and kept the men in bondage. A dream that would lead to the founding of Planet Dominatrix and to Nysa Ordell becoming the planet's first Mistress.

She dreamt of one day owning man slaves, and being to do whatever she liked to her male slaves. She would keep men in bondage and force them to serve her. On Planet Dominatrix all the work would be done by men slaves. Every woman would be a Mistress, but she would be the supreme ruler, the supreme Mistress.

The men slaves would do all the work, that was a given, but on Planet Dominatrix these male slaves would also have to obey their mistresses in any way she ordered. They would not only be work slaves, they would also be sex slaves.

If a Mistress wanted sex, then her slave must oblige. Slaves on Planet Dominatrix had to have perfect control of all their sexual functions. If his Mistress wanted his penis erect, then the slave had to be able to produce an instant erection. If she wanted it to remain flaccid, the man slave had to keep his penis limp whatever the provocation. If he failed either of these tasks he was punished. Men slaves were punished for the slightest failure, and the punishment would be either a beating, a whipping, or extreme torture.

And that was how male slaves were first taught to have perfect control over their penises. They were tortured by their Mistress if they failed to get an erection when so ordered, and they were tortured if they became erect when their Mistress wanted them to remain flaccid. This punishment of men was severe, and the man slaves were continually tortured until they learnt perfect control.

But male discipline was not the only reason men were punished. On Planet Dominatrix male slaves were considered lower than animals. Consequently a Mistress could do things to her slaves that she would never even consider doing to an animal. And if a sadistic Mistress wanted to torture her male slaves, then the man slaves would be tortured for the sadist's entertainment. She may wish to watch the man being tortured, she may wish to do the torturing herself, she may even want sex with him while he is tortured. Whatever this female sadist wants, she gets. The suffering of men slaves is of no consequence to her, men serve - that is all they do on Planet Dominatrix, serve their superior Mistresses.

This was Nysa Ordell's dream. A world run in a way that she considered to be the way all worlds should be run. A world where women ruled and men were slaves.

Then in 2315 Nysa Ordell's dream came true. In 2315 Nysa Ordell was one of 5399 women and 5198 men who set off to colonise an earth like but unpopulated planet called PE5673. There they would set up a colony where women ruled. The 5399 women Mistresses would be in charge of the 5198 men who were kept in bondage as slaves. The men in bondage were forced to obey whatever commands the women gave them, forced to perform whatever tasks the woman gave them, and forced to suffer torture if it amused the women.

Planet PE5673 was eventually renamed. It eventually became known as "Planet Dominatrix".

And that is what this website is about: Planet Dominatrix, the women who rule it and the male slaves who serve them.

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